Elias Daher

24 Hours Wireless Owner and CEO, Elias Daher

A self-made entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida, Elias Daher is the owner and chief executive officer of 24 Hours Wireless, Ltd. He has managed operations at the company for more than two decades, during which time he consistently tracked and responded to changes in the nation’s telecommunications market. He holds a track record for providing his customers with the latest in smartphone and tablet technologies. Elias Daher has enjoyed success as the leader of 24 Hours Wireless, and in 2017 his efforts were recognized with a Minority Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Mr. Daher studied engineering at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Outside of his work as the owner and executive leader of 24 Hours Wireless, he serves as the deputy grand knight with the local Knights of Columbus chapter. He holds additional memberships with American Task Force Lebanon and Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Miami. A couple of his personal interests, meanwhile, include playing poker and tennis.


Elias Daher
Miami, FL US